Written by Bob Regnerus

The most crucial element of Facebook advertising for you to embrace is Retargeting.

You’ve seen this in action—you visit a website and shop for new running shoes. You do some research and shop a few sites, and then you jump over to Facebook and right there you see an ad for Acme Running Shoes—the very website you just spent some time on.

This is no longer a surprise to people. Most casual users are aware of Facebook’s ability to retarget ads to you for websites you visit. This is all possible through the Pixel people have installed on their website. The Pixel is able to report what kind of shoes you looked at, whether you added a pair to the cart, if you abandoned your order at some point, or if you made the purchase.

Obviously, retargeting is a very powerful tool for Facebook advertisers. In fact, most advertisers could not afford to advertise on Facebook without it.

The best part of retargeting is it removes the pressure from you to close sales on the first visit. Most people (in fact only about .05 percent of people) are far enough down the Customer Awareness Timeline to make a purchase the first time they see an ad from you.

When I wrote Big Ticket eCommerce back in 2008, retargeting wasn’t mainstream. (Hey, Facebook wasn’t really around in 2008 either). Most of my work over the years has been with clients that sell high price or complex products and services that take more time and effort to sell.

Remember, every customer has a timeline.

Retargeting gives us the ability to orient our advertising to each person’s timeline and gives us multiple opportunities to carry on a conversation over time and help move that person from Unaware to The Most Aware.

I am on a mission to help advertisers move from shallow advertising to what I call Deep Funnel Marketing.

With your ability to retarget, and using the technology provided to us in the Pixel, we can create very sophisticated, deep sequences of ads that show up in the person’s Facebook news feed over time. It provides us opportunities to go much deeper into conversation with our prospects. It gives us time to educate before we sell.

Deep Funnel Marketing has been a staple in every campaign I’ve worked on since 2014.

  • It helps us fill appointment calendars for Advisors, Consultants, Contractors, and Medical professionals.
  • It helps sell products from sub-$10 items to 6 figure items
  • It helps Saas companies demo their product and generate more leads
  • It helps local businesses deepen relationships with their community and create customers for life
  • It makes you appear like you are everywhere, and it completely takes competitors out of the equation because they will not go through the effort to build out Deep Funnels.

This has been and will continue to be my secret weapon for making Creative convert consistently on Facebook.

If you need help with Facebook Retargeting campaigns, please reach out to me below.

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