Eradicate Persistent, Unwanted Results From Your Life For Good and Replace Them With What Truly Serves You

Do you find yourself caught in a loop, where the same kind of results show up in similar ways that no longer serve you? Do you keep asking, 'Why does this keep happening to me?' Are you searching for the cause of repeated patterns that keep playing out on auto-pilot that no longer serve you?

I understand this because I live it. While it may be counter-intuitive for me to admit this, the process of growth never stops and I haven't got everything figured out. Frankly, anyone who tells you they have is lying. I'm not offering any solution under the guise of being a master. Far from it.

One of the reasons I feel qualified to hang up my shingle is because I've lived (and am living) through these kinds of challenges and have been willing to ask myself the big questions. I don't believe anyone is qualified to help someone change the results in their life unless they've had extensive experience wrestling with life's challenges themselves.

In fact, I would NEVER hire a coach to work with me who hasn't gone through their own personal journey of self-awareness and times of tribulation. No way. To be transparent, I work with up to three professionals at any given time to help me deal with challenges in my life, both personal and professional. I believe it's impossible to truly help yourself and read the label from 'inside the jar'.

But here's the big reveal, and if you understand this, life will start to make a little more sense...

What has served me more than anything else in this world is a relentless pursuit of discovering WHO I AM. Every day I learn new things about myself. When you do this intentionally, the rate of discovery is exponential.

ACTIONS that violate who you are cause disharmony in your life and lead to unfulfillment, conflict, stress, anxiety and even disease. When you've reached a level of awareness that says, "I need these RESULTS to STOP!", you can consciously initiate change.

When you truly, deeply begin to discover WHO YOU ARE, it accelerates a shifting process that rapidly replaces RESULTS and the CAUSES of those results in your life that you don't want with ACTIONS that produce RESULTS you want. As you begin to shed undesired RESULTS from your life, you can start asking the most exciting question of your life: "WHO DO I WANT TO BE?"

The question, "WHO AM I?" - Wakes you up and initiates the process

But the question, "WHO DO I WANT TO BE?" - Launches you forward into a fulfilling life

"When you don't pursue who you are, you will never ask who you want to be, and you'll get stuck when you face decision points in life...if you are facing these moments and are looking for guidance, I may be able to help you..."             Bob Regnerus

Next Step

Are you frozen and unable to take your Next Step? Undesired results that keep showing up in your life can cloud your judgment and create confusion, making it challenging to identify your Next Step. These can lead to self-doubt and hesitation, preventing you from moving forward with confidence. When you identify the actions and behaviors that produce these results and put different behaviors in place, you can start to gain clarity and focus, and finally begin to determine the best course of action for your personal and professional growth.

Next Turn

Facing a crossroads in your life or career and not sure what your Next Turn is? Undesired results that keep showing up in your life can have a paralyzing effect on your decision-making ability. If you inwardly fear making a wrong turn, and you do everything you can to stave off the decision, it's time to identify the actions and behaviors that produce that indecision and replace them with more useful ones. Then you can gain the confidence and insight needed to make well-informed decisions that align with your desired path.

Next Leap

Are you feeling like you want to do more in life? What used to excite you now feels like the status quo? When you become aware that many parts of your life are on auto-pilot and you want to take the Next Leap, the actions and behaviors that got you to where you are now may not be useful or necessary for your next phase of life. When you identify the actions and behaviors that no longer serve you and replace them with ones that do, you are now supercharged to make bold moves that align with your deepest aspirations and true potential.


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Really, I Mean REALLY Get To Know Yourself

It all begins with the Authenticity Mapping Process. Ask yourself: do you REALLY know who you are? Are you fully aware of how you show up and WHY you get the results you do?

Consider your iPhone. It's packed with features and capabilities beyond just texting and calling—capabilities you might not even realize or use. Now, think about yourself. You are infinitely more complex and amazing than any device.

While we don't need to fully understand the inner workings of an iPhone, we can't afford to have the same casual relationship with ourselves. Deeply understanding who you are is the key to unlocking lasting change and living life intentionally, not on autopilot.

Stop letting EXTERNAL events, experiences and people define who you are. Let's go within and truly begin to understand WHO YOU ARE from the inside out.

This process is the foundation for transformational growth, setting the stage for permanent and lasting change. Are you ready to dive in and discover the true depths of who you are?


Identify the Results and the Actions in

Front of You That No Longer Serve You

Building on the self-awareness gained from the Authenticity Mapping Process, the next step is to critically examine the results and actions in your life that no longer align with your who you are. It's about asking yourself, 'Do my outcomes and behaviors reflect who I am and what I value?'

Consider the concept of focusing on the most impactful activities. Some actions might be consuming your time and energy without contributing to your growth or happiness. It's time to identify those and let them go.

This step also involves embracing the next process of unlearning. We often carry societal conditioning and habitual ways of thinking that hold us back. By identifying actions rooted in these limiting beliefs, you can begin to let go of them and create space for actions that resonate with your who you are.

This isn't just about eliminating the negative; it's about making room for new, more fulfilling actions and results. It's about reshaping your life to truly reflect who you are and what you aspire to achieve.


Engage in the Ongoing Process of Unlearning and Relearning

After identifying actions and results that no longer serve you, the journey continues with the dynamic process of unlearning and relearning. It's about embracing the reality that growth is not a one-time event, but a continuous cycle of shedding old, limiting beliefs and embracing new, empowering thoughts.

Unlearning involves challenging the status quo of your thoughts and behaviors. It's about questioning the 'why' behind your actions and being open to the possibility that there might be a more authentic way to live and work.

Relearning is the exciting part of this process. It's about exploring new ideas, adopting fresh mindsets, and experimenting with different approaches that align with your true self. It's about giving yourself permission to evolve and transform, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone.

This ongoing cycle of unlearning and relearning is the key to unlocking your full potential. It's about continually adapting and growing, ensuring that your actions and results are always in harmony with your authentic self. Embrace this journey with an open heart and mind, and watch as your life transforms in ways you never imagined.

Here's a 15 minute video below to illustrate how you achieve different results in your life...

About Coaching...

No matter how many self-help books you devour, how many courses you complete, or how many experts you consult, real change and transformation in your life begins when you embrace the concept I shared in the video above.

If you're contemplating coaching, here's something to ponder...

Professional coaching is not about being on the sidelines, steering you like in a sporting event. I have 38 years of experience as a basketball coach, I can tell you that coaching athletes and coaching clients are worlds apart. In a professional setting, coaching isn't about teaching skills or boosting motivation like I do from the sidelines.

Beware of those who claim to offer 'coaching' but are actually mentoring or teaching. A true coach doesn't give advice or dictate actions. That undermines the learning process and stunts your growth. Coaching is about facilitating your self-discovery, not prescribing solutions. If a "coach" gives you a blueprint and tells you how to run your life, the only word you should pay attention to is RUN! Run far, far away from those folks.

And let's clear this up: Coaching is not therapy. It's not about addressing trauma or mental health issues. That's outside a coach's expertise.

True coaching is an eye-opening journey. In our sessions, I create a space for you to THINK. Through intuition and curiosity-driven questions, I'll lead you to tap into your inner wisdom. This wisdom, and your ability to access it, is the key to changing the actions and behaviors that shape your life's outcomes. You may not believe it right now, so I urge you to consider the experience of those who've known me for years...


You are one of a very, very small number of people that I bring into my roundtable meetings as an outside advisor to help the other clients in the room answer questions and deal with problems

"You connect the dots. You see not only what's going on right in front of us, but you're also connecting the higher level narrative, which is so often missed. That's just one of the things that you can do, and it's why I hang out with you. It's why I call you up and want to have breakfast, every few months and just discuss things, and it's why I put you in front of clients. I know that I can trust you to serve the client's best interest rather than just pushing your own agenda. In fact, you're much more a giver than a taker, and you will go out of your way to make sure that the other person in the transaction gets everything that was promised and more. This is why you are one of a very, very small number of people that I bring into my roundtable meetings as an outside advisor to help the other clients in the room answer questions and deal with problems."

Perry Marshall

Marketing Expert and Author

You have a way of connecting me to myself

"You've been instrumental in helping me grow into the individual that I am today. You have a way of connecting people that need to know each other. You also have a way of connecting me to myself. I think about how empathetic you are in understanding and how your ancient wisdom comes through in your guidance, and I also understand and appreciate your ability to communicate with humility when there is something that needs to be course corrected. I think of you as one of the most trustworthy and confidential people I know. I know that if I have a issue or if I have a question, I can go to you in confidence and that I can receive sound advice and guidance, and I appreciate that."

Shanyn Stewart

Financial Expert and CPA

You can see and hear things and share perspectives that others cannot

You are one of the most incredible humans that I know. You are someone that I can call on at any hour and you would be there for me. You're one of the biggest givers that I know and you're one of the most intuitive listeners that I know. You have a kind, loving presence that is like a energetic hug. You are so present and so,intuitively tapped in that you can see and hear things and share perspectives that others cannot. In every relationship that you show up to, you play full out and you really care about the person in front of you. You are also somebody that is very spiritually tapped in. You are connected with yourself, which I think is the prerequisite for being able to go deep with other people. You have done the work on yourself and have transformed yourself in many ways.

Brandon Fong

Podcast Host and Experience Expert

The way that I perceive my life and my purpose right now is much different than it was 6 months ago

I was having lunch with Bob about 6 months ago, and he asked me a question that I didn't understand at the time, "Do you ever feel like you're destined to do something greater?" I thought that I was doing what I'm supposed to do, but yet, there's something inside of me that's going, "NO!" I do feel there is something bigger and better for me in my life. The way that I perceive my life and my purpose right now is much different than it was 6 months ago. It has been an absolutely eye opening experience. A huge part of this thinking is coming from Bob. He is one of the most important people in my life, and he's been in my life for the better part of 27 years. He is my sensei, my Obi Wan, my coach.

Nick Vera

DJ and Entrepreneur

You saw beyond my own frustration

"You saw beyond my own frustration. You saw beyond what I thought could be possible, and I just didn't want a Hail Mary. You are the most genuine people that I know. You say things because you mean them. You don't say them for any other reason. And you're also an amazing family guy. I remember watching your kids growing up. You're you're a wonderful dad, father and husband. And, I, I've learned a lot from you over the years."

Shannon McCaffery

Marketing Expert and Entrepreneur

I left that call and that conversation with Bob feeling reenergized and having a renewed sense of love for my business

"Recalling a conversation we had a while back, I remember feeling very, very alone, very isolated, very defeated, cheated, and just angry, angry at the world, felt lost and just sort of displaced. I remember feeling at the time too, like, kinda had gotten to this level and just wasn't really sure where to go from here. One of the things that I did thankfully ,was call Bob. The main thing that I got from Bob during that call was feeling very just loved and heard and understood and empathized. Part of what I was feeling when I was going through that was just very alone, and he helped feel understood and I didn't feel so alone, and he helped me really realize that that whole experience was going to turn out to be a gift for me. I left that call and that conversation with Bob feeling reenergized and having a renewed sense of love for my business."

Noah Kronfly

Operations Expert and Entrepreneur

Your superpower is being able to continue to ask questions and reframe it and really get to the crux of the challenge

"One of your superpowers is more than listening. You have a really unique talent for unpacking or pulling out the actual problem. You always do such a great job of asking clarifying questions, because I know most of the times in my head, I've just got stuff swirling around, and I'm not exactly sure where everything lands or where everything sits. Bouncing stuff off of you has always been absolutely invaluable just because you're such a great listener and again, your superpower is being able to continue to ask questions and reframe it and really get to the crux of the challenge or get to the crux of whatever my hurdle is that was preventing me from processing. The other thing that you do that I really appreciate is you always challenge me to think deeper and think differently as opposed to 'Here's the answer'. You always do a really good job of reframing it and repositioning it so that I can navigate the problem myself."

Scott Schang

Consultant and AI Expert

I felt like I could really take on this new life and new purpose that I had

"I remember I wanted to go to Bob for guidance on what I should really do and what I should look for when it came to what I wanted to do with my life. Before the conversation I had with him, I was pretty nervous, anxious. I didn't know what to really expect, and I didn't know what would be the best route for me. During that conversation, he really helped with that. He made it very apparent on the things that I was passionate about, the things that made me smile, the things that made me light up. And he was really able to get to the heart at what I loved and how I can combine that and leverage my skills to really create the life and the career that I want, which was very powerful. And leaving that conversation, I felt a lot more confident. I felt encouraged, and I felt like I could really take on this new life and new purpose that I had. And not that I didn't have a purpose before, but realigning myself to where I can see myself going for the foreseeable future."

Nick Jelderks

Marketing Professional

I walked away from the conversation feeling really excited and energized to to make my idea happen

"A few months ago, I had an idea for something that I really wanted to do and move forward. I was excited, but kind of misguided and misaligned in thinking how do I do this? How do I take the next step and also, is this even a good idea? I jumped on the phone with Bob, told him all about what I was thinking and he was excited for me and he gave me really good structured feedback that was not restricting, but also gave me a really clear idea of what I wanted to do and that reassured me that what I was thinking was a good idea. I walked away from the conversation feeling really excited and energized to to make my idea happen. Bob is like a North Star. I just feel like I've known Bob forever, and I really haven't known him for that long and he's just had this huge impact on my life. I don't even think he really knows that, but we just have a wonderful connection. As soon as you meet him, you just feel an incredible amount of love and support that he genuinely cares about you, which he does. There are very few people like that in the world.

Ellie Shewring

Marketing Professional

I laughed at myself, I was working so hard, but Bob just got it. He understood, and that's what he does

"One time when I was trying to convey an idea to Bob, I wanted to make sure I was covering all the different aspects of my idea, really looking at it from multi dimensions and really talking about all the nuance and details of it. I had been talking for about 10 minutes trying to convey this idea and at the end of it, Bob laughed said to me, 'Okay, let me see if I got this straight'  and he got it. Bob just got it. I just had to laugh at myself thinking, oh my gosh, here I am trying to explain this and really dig into it. The fact that he was able to digest it and reflect it back to me in his own language in 3 or 4 four lines, that was it. That really made me understand who Bob was on so many levels in his communication and his understanding. Bob is a kind of person that will meet you wherever you are at. When he meets you there, he doesn't just meet you there from a place where he's trying to understand, but he's he's really trying to meet you at all the levels; through his mind and his incredible intelligence, but also on an emotional level. In that moment, I laughed at myself, I was working so hard, but Bob just got it. He understood, and that's what he does."

Suara Lee

Intuitive Coach and Mentor


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