Speaking and Media

If your audience is filled with entrepreneurs and/or driven professionals who are pursuing their calling and breaking free from the boxes they've been trapped in, I'd love to share inspiring talks and have conversations with them.

We'll discuss their journey, my journey, and your journey, and how we can achieve the paradise that awaits us despite the ever-growing obstacles and trials along the way.

Here's what this will do for you as the host...

Your audience is constantly taking in information and advice to try and reach their destiny. They are bombarded with messages and distractions all day long.

What I aim for in my presentations is to create an environment where the audience can stop rush of input for a short time and just think. 

I hold space for your audience to consider powerful questions, which not only gives them clarity but also starts the process of truly transforming their professional and personal lives, allowing them to make progress towards their calling.

Potential Topics

Humanity and Identity In The Changing and Uncertain World Of AI

Your audience has a lot of questions and concerns about AI and technology and what it means for them as business owners, employees, entrepreneurs and human beings.

Leveraging Your Essence in Marketing to Truly Stand Out From the Crowd

In a world where there is increasing noise and now massive AI-generated content, how can you stand out and share your expertise with people that need you?

How To Answer the Question, “Who Do I Want To Be?” and Why This is Critical

It's more important than ever to be centered and sure of who you are and who you want to be. It's time to start living life on your terms, not someone else's.

The Role of Beliefs and How They Drive Your Daily Life on Autopilot

Humans run on automation. We don't need to think about breathing, brushing our teeth, or how to get to grandma's house, but automation works well for us until we realize it doesn't.

Recent Interviews

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"The reason that I brought in Bob Regnerus was that he kept it grounded. Bob gave one of the most human and humane presentations I've ever heard, and it was exactly what was needed to round out the extraordinary technical content the others were delivering. It integrated a lot of disparate elements."

Perry Marshall, Marketing Expert and Author

Hear what People say

You delivered a deeply thought-provoking speech about our humanity, and how AI will accelerate the desire for authenticity and connection. In a gig mostly focused on technology, your message was a beacon of enlightenment and a breathe of fresh air. Bravo Bob!

Christian Simpson

Master Coach and Speaker

Bob is a kind of person that will meet you wherever you are at. When he meets you there, he doesn't just meet you there from a place where he's trying to understand, but he's he's really trying to meet you at all the levels; through his mind and his incredible intelligence, but also on an emotional level. 

Suara Lee

Intuitive Coach and Mentor

You've been instrumental in helping me grow into the individual that I am today. You have a way of connecting people that need to know each other. You also have a way of connecting me to myself. I think about how empathetic you are in understanding and how your ancient wisdom comes through in your guidance.

Shanyn Stewart

Financial Expert and CPA

You have a kind, loving presence that is like a energetic hug. You are so present and so,intuitively tapped in that you can see and hear things and share perspectives that others cannot. In every relationship that you show up to, you play full out and you really care about the person in front of you.

Brandon Fong

Podcast Host and Experience Expert

"I REALLY appreciated your speech and the content you delivered. What you had to share resonated deeply with me and I was really happy to know there are successful people like you out there who think like I think and feel like I feel. So, thank you for being who you are and for doing the work you are doing ~ it is much appreciated and much needed." Matthew R.

"I really enjoyed your address. It was just what I needed. I have been spending a lot of my life fitting myself into the box where I was employed for decades, and have been continuing to try and work as an entrepreneur within that same box So grateful to you for giving me permission to be me. Still plenty of work to do, but today is a good start." Kate B.

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