The ABC’s of Profitable Facebook Advertising Part 3 of 3 – Creative

In this article series I’m covering the ABC’s of Profitable Facebook Advertising. Part 1 covered Facebook Audiences, Part 2 talked about Facebook Bidding. Now you’ll learn more about Facebook Creative.

If you recall, I had the privilege of attending a 3-day summit at Facebook Ad Headquarters.

The VP of Advertising said, “You have three main areas that affect how successful you are with Facebook Advertising: Audience, Bidding, and Creative.”

He had more to say…

“We are probably better at targeting an audience than you, and we’re much better at utilizing your budget and bidding for you to get you the best cost, but the ONE thing we cannot do better than you is Creative. Creative is the ONE thing that machines cannot do better than you, so you should spend most of your time coming up with thumb-stopping content!”

I took note and highlighted it in 3 colors. The notebook stays close to my desk.

By giving Facebook control of bidding, and using Lookalike Audiences with our best customer as the model, we can gain a competitive advantage over our fellow advertisers by being much better than them at Creative.

The phrase “thumb-stopping content” means your job as an advertiser is to come up with imagery and copy that gets a Facebook user to stop scrolling on their mobile device and pay attention to your ad.

One thing that has worked better for me than any other type of Creative is video.

In fact, the day I left that meeting, my friend Brandon Boyd and I started which focuses on using video to capture attention and make sales.

Over and over, I have found that video on Facebook performs better. It provides me lower CPMs, better reach, better click-thru-rates (CTR), and better return on ad spend (ROAS).

Spend any amount of time on Facebook and you’ll see that other advertisers know this as well. Facebook admitted to us they are a video company and optimized their news feed to prioritize video content.

Inside the Facebook Ad Manager, you will discover that in the ad creation process, Facebook has all kinds of tools to help you create video on the fly, even transforming still images into moving graphics because they know it works better.

Even if you have no ability to create or edit video (or have no budget to hire Feedstories), you can still use those tools to create video that stops the scroll!

If you’re interested, I detail some keys for creating great Facebook video ads in this article.

If you need help with Facebook Creative, please reach out to me below.