Creating Facebook Audiences Without Using Lookalikes

Jeff: If you were starting from scratch and you didn’t have a look alike audience built from a customer list or an email list, what’s the best way to target in your opinion?

Bob Regnerus: So you’ve literally got nothing?

Jeff: No, I don’t have nothing, but if I did have nothing. So I’m trying that game.

Bob Regnerus: Okay; has the pixel been installed? 

Jeff: Yes.

Bob Regnerus: Okay. So here’s where I’d like to start. Now, I’m not going to be able to dive necessarily in the interest targeting unless somebody has a specific question. That’s where you start listing oh, they’re fans of this, but here’s what I like to do. I like to actually go in and create this audience. I’m going to go to website, here’s my pixel. I am going to create an audience based on time spent, have you seen this?

Jeff: No, I don’t think so. 

Bob Regnerus: Okay. So if you go create a website, custom audiences, you can do website visitors, people who’ve visited specific pages. You can also then go and have different events. So if a page view event got fired, if a lead event got fired, but if you don’t have that, I like to do by the visitor’s time spent and so depending on your traffic level, you’ve got 25, 10%, 5%, I like to do 25%. Now if the site’s got a lot of traffic we want to do this over a 30 day period. If you’ve got a ton of traffic, you can shorten it. You can go up to 180 days on this. So if the pixels been there I like to; so obviously a lot of people visit a site and then bounce. So what this takes into account is the people who have spent the most time on your site, therefore, most valuable. So what I usually start, if they’ve had the pixel installed for a reasonable amount of time, this is the first audience that I built. If they have no customer list, if they have no email list, that’s the one that I start with.