Written by Bob Regnerus

Bob Regnerus: Those of you that have gone to one of my workshops have seen this before, but this is something that is really critical for people. I have a book coming out in the fall, the ultimate guide to Facebook advertising, it’s the fourth version. It focuses a lot on what I call timing. I have a concept; I think somebody or a couple of people mentioned deep funnel marketing. I’m going to use that terminology. It’s essentially a term I came up with that describes the way you woo a prospect and it’s based on this customer awareness timeline. The concept from what I can tell was introduced first by Eugene Schwartz in a book in 1966, called Breakthrough Advertising. The book, if you were to look for it on Amazon, you might find a copy for around a hundred dollars or so. I was fortunate to get a copy of the book from one of my mentors a year ago, but this concept is really quite intuitive if you think about it and it’s that a customer goes from being completely unaware of you all the way up to most aware and as they travel from left to right that is the process in which you use your advertising to move them. 

So somebody is going to come into your world, they’re either unaware they have a problem and not aware of you. They might come in at this point where they’re aware of a problem they have, but they’re unaware of you. They may come in and say I’ve got a problem, I’m aware of solutions that are available, but yet they’re still not aware of you. So the concepts that I talk about with deep funnel is that people drop in at different points along the timeline and your content or your advertising, your creative has to be timed so that a customer who is completely unaware of you, you’re not assuming that they’re already aware of a problem, you’re not assuming that they’re already aware of solutions to the problem and they’re certainly not aware of who you are. 

So one of the things that kind of blows people’s minds but when they see this, they understand it, which is Facebook is essentially an interruption mechanism. So when you put an ad on Facebook, you were interrupting their stream of consciousness. I mean, they’re playing games, they’re looking at photos, they’re looking at memes, they’re doing everything, they’re watching videos and here you come along as an advertiser and interrupt their day. So you’re most likely kind of an uninvited guest versus a welcomed one and so you have to understand that you’re interrupting people on Facebook, which is vastly different than if you are familiar with Google advertising, which is you type in a keyword and you are already problem aware.

People that go to Google are searching for answers. So they are voluntarily interrupting their day and they are typing in problems into the Google search engine and the Google search engine spits out solutions or ads of people that provide solutions and once they start jumping to your website, that’s when they become solution aware. So that’s one of the things that I definitely wanted to stress with you, which is you have to be understanding that you don’t just run one ad on Facebook. You’re going to run multiple ads on Facebook, all targeted towards people at different points on the timeline and the only way that you’re able to do that is when you have the pixel installed and the pixel allows you to target people who have visited different landing pages or absorbed certain pieces of content, the pixel drives all of that. So when you build your audiences of people that you target that is one of the most critical things is that you are building content or building ads that speak to people along the entire timeline.

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