Facebook Funnel Concepts

Bob Regnerus: The concept is top of funnel or we abbreviate it TOFU, this is the universe of people that you’re trying to drive in. The most people exist in the top of the funnel. So your ad basically moves people to this top line here and then what happens is as they go through your ads, we’re trying to move them down, down, down to the bottom of the funnel. One of the questions that got submitted was what are some of your favorite bottom of funnel content ads or creatives. I’m going to talk about that in a little bit, but this is another image that’s very similar to this one except this is linear, this is more dimensional, but the concept is instead of left to right, it is top to bottom. So when we’re building campaigns in Facebook we’re thinking of top of funnel content, middle of funnel content, bottom of funnel content.

These people are unaware. These people are solution and problem aware and moving towards your solution aware. Bottom of the funnel is they’re making a decision for who is going to provide the service or the product that they desire. I’m going to show a different version of this graph that’s more in tune with the Facebook ad. So some terminology, everyone understands cold audience. This is top of funnel and we’re dealing with millions of people here. So millions of people, we move that, let’s say we show a video ad, so out of the millions that we target thousands see our video ad, out of the thousands that see our video ad hundreds will become website visitors and then out of the hundreds, we get our buyers. So that is kind of the process here, top of funnel, middle of funnel, bottom of funnel. So it’s just throwing different terms on that similar timeline.