Written by Bob Regnerus

Jeff: Yeah, sorry. I had to unmute myself there real quick. Do you have like a, like a best tip for interest targeting?

Bob Regnerus: Okay. So let me go ahead here. Do I have a tab open? Okay.

Jeff: So that was a great tip, thank you very much, by the way in the creating a custom audience for site views, but how would you get those people to your site?

Bob Regnerus: Okay, so that was kind of the question is, if you’ve already had the pixel on the site and you’re doing something like AdWords or there’s a lot of organic searches, anything like that you’re building up a visitor base and you could do that. But if you don’t have that, you come into what’s called detailed targeting. So I’m inside of the ad set level here, I’ll just kind of ignore this, I’m setting things up. You want to be real clear with your demographic based targeting. So I only want to go after people who are living in the United States for this and my age range is just really kind of expansive on this 24 to 64, I try to eliminate the kids. I also try to eliminate the retirees because it’s this happens to be a B2B offer. 

So inside of detailed targeting, this is where it gets kind of frustrating because we’ve gotten a lot of this taken away. We used to be able to go after job titles and go after income levels and things like that, that has really been kind of trashed. So financial income now you can do top 10% of zip codes. So you can’t target individuals that have high incomes, but you can target the zip codes of that. So to make your question more pertinent, Jeff, do you have some sort of like criteria of the type of person that you’re looking for?

Jeff: Oh, well, what if I just have a knee pain product and I started targeting my old customers, but I also want to; and then I know you’re like, dude, if you can target your own customers and make money, why would you want to start from scratch? 

Bob Regnerus: I hear you, you’re scaling. 

Jeff: Yeah, because I’m trying to figure out a way to scale once I get my business account back. So currently I’m going after people who are active in athletics. So I’m targeting fitness and strength training and running and those types of things. But I also understand there’s a point where you can overlap too much and nothing really happens.

Bob Regnerus: Well, here’s one of the things I suggest is you want to do a content strategy that really speaks to your audience and you want to create as a big audience as possible. You want to get that thing up to probably around 20 million and you want articles or videos that are related to knee pain and then I would silo the content. So you could go in here if you want to go after Uber athletes, so you might go in and say they’re interested in triathlons, that gets you up to 580,000. I can go ahead and go after marathons, now the people in there, they could be fans of the Boston marathon, they could be fans of whatever. So you could start playing with this audience and try to get this thing up to a couple of million.

Now the other thing that I’d like to do with that is I’ll go ahead and check this box and say, yeah, go ahead and go get me some more people, so it’s up to 5.3 million. Now in this environment, it’s like really advantageous to go ahead and say, I’m going to put out five pieces of content, whether it’s video or article and say, go ahead and go get me anybody that’s interested in this article, but then you need targeted articles, it’s on how to avoid knee pain, how to deal with knee pain. It’s got to be real good content, it’s got to be they read it, it’s shareable, it’s informative. That’s going to jack your click through rates up, it’s going to plummet your cost per landing page visit is going to be real valuable for you to do that.

So I might do a silo with that, then I might go in and I might change my targeting and say, all right, I’m going to target retirees, I’m going to do people 64 and up and then I’ll go in and I’m going to think about, I might target something like, this is really, really stupid, but without thinking much, I might do like retirement planning, just things that kind of speak out. But I also could then do this and go, all right let’s go ahead and do people who are this old that are into jogging. They’re into fitness, physical fitness, you can start building these audiences and create some articles that around how to deal with knee pain in retirement. For senior citizens you could go in here and go, all right, let’s get people who are like 40 to 55 and you could talk about weekend warriors and stuff like that.

So that’s the way I would do. But the current strategy that I use is I put as much into this as possible and build this up to from like two to twenty million, use this box if necessary and use content to narrow down my audience and it doesn’t matter to me because if I can get 10 cent clicks, 15 cent clicks coming to my site all day long, I’ll collect all those and then I’ll dump them into the middle of the funnel stuff and then start to be talking about my solution, my product. Top of funnel, I’m not talking about my product at all, I’m just trying to call out to people that have knee pain and have those issues. That makes sense?

Jeff: Perfect sense, yes, thank you.

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