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Facebook Open Office Hour Q&A From December 17, 2020


– How to modify strategies for local audiences
– What do do when your campaigns performance tails off
– Reaching small businesses (not chains) that have a retail location
– Using videos and storytelling in the Top of Funnel Facebook ads
– Deep Funnel Nurturing questions
– Long copy ads versus short copy
– Retargeting people that like your Facebook page
– How to be in business selling Facebook ad copy services
– Using RFM to build custom audiences
– Proper way to split test

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Targeting Small Facebook Audiences

Excerpt From a Recent Coaching Session: Jo: What’s the smallest audience that you can target because we have an audience of 30 people who have completed one of the decision trees and I’m trying to show my ads to them but because having none of that, so we’ve got zero impressions on it. Bob Regnerus: Okay. So…

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Sequencing and Delivering Middle and Bottom of Funnel Content in Your Deep Funnel

Client: Of course you did with Maze 2.0 and I really, really appreciate the kind of strategy there with retargeting. I guess the question I have is how do you think about bottom of funnel retargeting now? Because I know back then it was kind of autoresponder, where it was like day one, show this message or…

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Filtering Audiences With Top of Funnel Content

You definitely want to lead with content. One of the things that people try to do too much is that they try to filter with ad copy and they end up getting really poor response. The better targeting is to create good content at the top of your funnel and let the content filter them.…

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Facebook Funnel Concepts

Bob Regnerus: The concept is top of funnel or we abbreviate it TOFU, this is the universe of people that you’re trying to drive in. The most people exist in the top of the funnel. So your ad basically moves people to this top line here and then what happens is as they go through your…

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Facebook Detailed Targeting Strategies

Jeff: Yeah, sorry. I had to unmute myself there real quick. Do you have like a, like a best tip for interest targeting? Bob Regnerus: Okay. So let me go ahead here. Do I have a tab open? Okay. Jeff: So that was a great tip, thank you very much, by the way in the creating a custom…

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Creating Facebook Custom Audiences

Bob Regnerus: So one of the things we have, I set some of these up today; I’ve got some new articles posted on my site. So you can actually go in and set up audiences of people; I’m going to hide this, I’m going to actually do it this way so you can see. So you…

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The Customer Awareness Timeline

Bob Regnerus: Those of you that have gone to one of my workshops have seen this before, but this is something that is really critical for people. I have a book coming out in the fall, the ultimate guide to Facebook advertising, it’s the fourth version. It focuses a lot on what I call timing. I…

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Creating Facebook Audiences Without Using Lookalikes

Jeff: If you were starting from scratch and you didn’t have a look alike audience built from a customer list or an email list, what’s the best way to target in your opinion? Bob Regnerus: So you’ve literally got nothing? Jeff: No, I don’t have nothing, but if I did have nothing. So I’m trying that game. Bob…

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