Are You An Innovator or an Imitator?


?”I quickly realized that I had some kind of calling. But, just as quickly I realized that what was most important to me was following my own path—and not the one that was laid down by others.” – Tori Amos

Choosing Your Own PathIf I had wished for someone to intervene in my life this past decade, it would have been on this point….choosing my path.

As I moved from a newbie hire out of college, to a corporate fast-tracker, to independent consultant for hire, to owning my own business, I made the mistake of either trying to be someone else or become who someone said I should be.

This made me more of a imitator and a pretender versus a true entrepreneur and successful business owner.

I wish I had taken the time to really understand my true passions, gifts, and experience before diving into business models that I built on the fly.  I would have endured much less pain and trials – but hey, that’s the way to gain wisdom, right?

My advice is to not chase being someone you are not, or being someone that others want you to be.  As an entrepreneur, you need to be choosing your own path and following your calling.  You cannot delegate this to someone else, and you cannot allow this choice to be made for you.

Be an innovator, not an imitator.  Be a provider, not a pretender.

Don’t be afraid to admit to what you are not and embrace who you are.  This is where joy, passion, and success intersect.  That is where your sweet spot is.  Go down that path!


About the author 

Bob Regnerus

I especially help High Achievers that secretly hate parts of their life, find more fulfilling ways to funnel their superpowers so that you actually love who you are.

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