The Power of Deep Funnel Marketing in Your Facebook Advertising


I am on a mission to help advertisers move from shallow advertising to what I call Deep Funnel Marketing (SM).

Deep Funnels have been a staple in every campaign we’ve worked on since 2014. It helps us fill appointment calendars for professionals and thought leaders. It helps our SaaS and Ecommerce clients sell products like checks, clothing, headbands, medical devices, software, training, iPhone apps, supplements, and dirt (yes – dirt). It helps our clients land 6 figure contracts, fill $2000 seminar seats, and recruit members for their high-end coaching programs.

The Deep Funnel makes it appear like you are everywhere and you magically appear at the right time with just the right content in their news feed.

See the diagram below. I first came across this reference from a book called Breakthrough Advertising  published by Eugene Schwartz way back in 1966:

  • Unaware – Person is unaware you exist and has no problem to solve or desire to fulfill
  • Problem Aware – Person is aware of a problem to solve or desire to fulfill
  • Solution Aware – Person is aware of possible solutions for their problem or desire
  • Your Solution Aware – Person becomes aware that you are a possible solution for their problem or desire
  • The Most Aware – Person has narrowed their choice to a few providers including you

Most customers go through 5 phases of awareness before they decide to purchase anything.

As the customer moves from left to right, the less resistance they encounter to doing business with you.

Facebook is an “interruption media”.

People do not open the Facebook app to solve problems. Ads that scroll by a user on their desktop or phone are “interruptions” amongst the pictures of children, re-posted Memes, and food selfies.

When prospecting in a Deep Funnel scenario, it’s proper to assume that everyone you advertise to is at “Unaware” on the Customer Awareness Timeline.

Thankfully, a crucial technology exists that helps us move people along the timeline called Retargeting.

You’ve seen this in action – you visit a website and shop for new running shoes. You do some research and shop a few sites, and then you jump over to Facebook and right there you see an ad for Acme Running Shoes – the very website you just spent some time on.

This is no longer a surprise to people. Most casual users are aware of Facebook’s ability to retarget ads to you for websites you visit. This is all possible through the Pixel people have installed on their website. The pixel is able to report what kind of shoes you looked at, whether you added a pair to cart, if you abandoned your order at some point, or if you made the purchase.

Obviously, retargeting is a very powerful tool for Facebook advertisers. In fact, most advertisers could not afford to advertise on Facebook without it.

The best part of retargeting is it removes the pressure from you to close sales on the first visit. Most people (in fact only like .05 percent of people) are far enough down the Customer Awareness Timeline to make a purchase the first time they see an ad from you.

Retargeting gives us the ability to orient our advertising to each person’s timeline and gives us multiple opportunities to carry on a conversation over time and help move that person from Unaware to The Most Aware.

With your ability to retarget, and using the technology provided to us in the Facebook pixel, we can create very sophisticated, deep sequences of ads that show in the person’s Facebook news feed over time. It provides us opportunities to go much deeper into conversation with our prospects. It gives us time to educate before we sell.

To study more about Deep Funnel Marketing, watch the presentation below…

To discuss getting a Deep Funnel working for your business, please contact me here:

About the author 

Bob Regnerus

I especially help High Achievers that secretly hate parts of their life, find more fulfilling ways to funnel their superpowers so that you actually love who you are.

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