Written by Bob Regnerus

Miracle-Ear approached legendary direct marketer, Dan Kennedy, to help them solve the issue of patient flow into their retail locations.  Dan, along with Bill Glazer (president of Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle), developed a marketing strategy to solve this issue.

Because of the work we did with Bill Glazer’s company, and for many of his clients, Bill hired Bob Regnerus to develop a new lead generation funnel online to capture the interest of those searching for hearing solutions online, and offer people a hearing-loss success kit to be sent via mail.

In addition to developing the websites and response funnels, we also set up and purchased all the online advertising for Miracle-Ear, which included Google Adwords, Yahoo!, and MSN (Bing).  We generated 1000’s of leads per month for this client over a 3-month launch period which dramatically increased their in-store new prospects and provided new opportunities for case presentations for the retail store owners.

This process is a perfect example of how you can:

  1. Generate a prospect online
  2. Send prospect materials by both email and mail
  3. Get a prospect to set an appointment by phone
  4. Have a prospect meet with you in person for a live sales presentation

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