A Seasoned Professional With Too Much On His Plate To Get Marketing Focus

Written by Bob Regnerus

Are you a typical professional? So many professionals who have large practices find themselves ALONE. You may be a one-person show or have a staff of 50, but as the man-in-charge, everything falls on you, and it becomes a heavy burden.

When you have to be the head coach of a team, the expert in delivering service, the referee in every conflict, and the chief visionary to grow the business, it’s no wonder you feel alone.

To make matters worse, the ONE THING you should be spending time on – marketing – becomes an after-thought and you end up doing things quite haphazardly without much thought to overall strategy. Compounding the problem is taking advice from people selling you advertising solutions like websites, online advertising, and space ads who never speak to you about marketing return-on-investment. This costs you money.

I recently spent some time coaching a professional in the eye care field. A man with a large practice in 3 locations. Here’s what he had to say:

Before talking with Bob, I was most concerned about how to best market my businesses and the specialty services we provide.  With all of the options currently available, yellow pages, TV, print, internet, etc, I was not certain how to best proceed.  When you discuss marketing approaches with peers, it seems like my colleagues just do ‘what they have done before… it seems like it works’.  The business environment is constantly evolving, and it is important to embrace and address all aspects, not just the ones you ‘feel’ work best for you.  One of the strengths of Bob’s coaching is his ability to teach and guide.  If Bob does not understand your business and needs, he will spend time uncovering the nuances of your field, and of your business challenges, to create recommendations specific to your individual needs.  Then he creates a model of success that you can integrate in stages based on your business and staffing abilities.  The guidance and recommendations Bob designed for me were outstanding.  He presented options for my financial situation, helped me understand the specific goals, and assisted me in creating a way to monitor or track the successes.  I understand the process and the outcomes much, much better.  This will allow me to make better decisions in the future as well.  If you are wondering whether spending an hour with Bob is worth it, I’d say it’s absolutely worth your time and money!  My best advice is to be open to learning about your business and taking a few risks.

If you desire to get marketing focus for your professional practice, sort through all the choices you have, and stop doing what all your peers are doing, then spend some time with Bob forging a blueprint and strategy to move your business forward in the next 90 days.

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