Written by Bob Regnerus

I had the opportunity to speak with an entrepreneur this summer who had been dealt a number of blows as a result of some choices. These blows were financial, emotional, and spiritual. Entrepreneurs take risks, and sometimes you make choices in your business that result in ugly situations. It might be the choice of a business partner, investing money in a project, launching a controversial marketing campaign, hiring a staff member, market selections, product investments, etc.

Business brings risk, and rarely can you achieve rich rewards without taking risk.

The man I had the opportunity to coach, lost big money in real estate with crash in 2008-2009. He had tried a number of things to turn it around, and kept running into failure after failure. Perhaps you’ve been there too, and understand the frustration of at one time being on top of the mountain and suddenly falling to the bottom where you can’t get any grip to climb back up.

I spent a number of hours coaching this man, but you might call it counseling or pastoring. What he needed was someone that had been through the ringer and knew all about the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur. Of owing people money and letting people down. Of taking a big risk and having it come crashing down. Of being thought of as a failure, and even seeing loved ones begin to question you.

Before talking with Bob I felt I needed clarity and someone to help me from an outside perspective, because I had been too caught-up in my own issues to think clearly.  He was the one. After I spent my first hour with Bob on the phone, I wasn’t miraculously feeling restored, but I felt hope which is more than what I had coming in to the conversation.  And things have begun to clear-up with each subsequent conversation.  The fog is beginning to lift.  Bob gave me very practical advice that at first glance seems too simple, yet not easy, but very effective.  I was amazed.  If you are considering spending time with Bob understand that he will give you the tools and the guidance you need, but the work is still up to you.  So, do not believe anyone who tells you otherwise.  Part of your struggle is still to be a participant in your own life which includes ups and downs – only take inspired action.  Bob is helping me achieve my goals on a continual basis by having periodic check-in points and holding me accountable which I think makes all of the difference.

If you are an entrepreneur that needs clarity, encouragement, or assitance getting past a hopeless situation, please consider spending an hour with me and see if I can help you.

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