If All You Do Is Focus On Tactics….You Will Lose

Written by Bob Regnerus

tacticsThe biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs making in regards to marketing their business is focusing on tactics, and completely ignoring strategy or worse – creating strategy on the run to fit a tactic.

Let’s be clear….Tactics and Strategies are NOT the same thing.  They are mutually exclusive, but are both necessary for you to have success in your business.

Strategy comes from the Greek word “strategos” meaning “general.” Tactic comes from the Greek work “taktikas” meaning “foot soldier”.

To define it, tactics are actions that allow you to achieve a strategic objective.

It is critical that you know this.

Think of it this way:

Soliders, M16’s, Tanks, Smart Bombs, Stealth Bombers, Battleships = These are not strategies to win a war, they are tactics.

Tanks, carrying solidiers armed with M16’s, advance on a beachhead, with air cover from Stealth Bombers, after Navy Battleships pound the coastal fortresses with Smart Bombs = This is a strategy to win a war.

So, Landing Pages, SEO, Blogs, Facebook, Email, Adwords, Offers, Copy, Content = These are also TACTICS

Combining Content with good SEO that drives people to your Offer with good Copy = Strategy

Driving people from your Facebook page to your Blog where you present an Offer with good Copy = Strategy

Driving people from Adwords to your Landing Page where you Present an Offer with Good Copy and get them to subscribe to an Email series = Strategy

If you are tackling a revenue problem via tactics, you’re not solving the problem.  You must attack the revenue problem strategically, then employ the proper tactics to execute the strategy.

For example, it may not be the best strategy for your high-priced product to drive Adwords to a landing page.  Cold traffic is hard to come by for your product and people are not likely to buy right from a click.

You might discover that selling your product via a webinar or speaking opportunity is the best strategy, so instead of wasting money and time on Adwords and landing pages, you should be taking the time to connect to possible partners with lists of your ideal customers via LinkedIn and Facebook.

So many clients have thought that their issues are because of a failed tactic.  This could not be farther from the truth.

Remember, tactics do not win the war, strategies do.


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