Current author and author’s to be…which group do you prefer?

I’m putting together 2 more small groups of remarkable individuals to work with at least until we toast the new year 2014.

(Yes, we’re halfway through 2013 and there’s a lot of time left to make 2013 extremely successful.)

Group 1 is for people who are ready to write their book, but aren’t ready to have someone else write it for them (either financially or emotionally). This group is for you if you have a dream and desire to write a book and want to get it done this year, and you aren’t afraid to write it yourself using a systematic process I will lead you through.

This program will include coaching and training on actually getting your book done (as you’d expect), but it will also include services which are the most difficult for would-be-authors to get done – editing, production, and publication. I’ll have my team of experts handle all of the finishing touches for you. This is your opportunity to get a book done if you’ve been waiting.

Group 2 is for authors who have a book already published and want to sell more books. More importantly, use your books more effectively and generate higher revenue. Maybe you have a closet with a bunch of books leftover from when you first published your book. They are staring you in the face every day and taunting you. I will teach you ways to turn those books into assets that produce income for you. And if you’re tired of only making $10 selling books one at a time, I will show you how to turn books into $100, $1,000, and even $10,000 sales.

Now here’s something very cool I will be doing with both groups…

Using your book, I will help you create a 45-75 minute presentation that you can give from the stage or the comfort of your office via the web. This presentation will be a way for you to draw clients into your business by either selling something directly, or just to secure leads for follow-up sales. 

I’ve personally done 7 figures in sales using my book and a presentation based on my book, and I have clients who have done the same. Here’s a little secret: It’s more about owning your material versus any secret method. All you need is someone to guide you.

If you are interested in either group, here’s what you need to do

1) You must commit to working with me for 6 months and completing the program
2) The investment will be $997 per month no matter which group you pick. You should expect that you will successfully make all of this investment back (and then some) by implementing what I teach you.
3) You are ready to start now
4) Most importantly, SEND ME A MESSAGE OR CALL MY OFFICE at 877-349-2615. Tell me the group you want to apply to, and tell me a short story about why you want to be part of the group (and don’t forget to tell me your first and last name and phone number!)

I will deliver you far more value in these groups than your investment. I will surprise you now by telling you that I will not burden you with unnecessary work and confusion. Meeting your goal is not about working harder, it’s through executing the fundamentals and laser-like focus. Let’s eliminate the excuses and distractions that have been holding you back.

I expect to have a great holiday celebration with all the new authors that finally get their book done and also those who finally got their books to pay off.

Don’t delay, the groups will fill fast. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

Bob Regnerus

P.S. To be considered for one of these groups, please CONTACT ME or call my office at 1-877-349-2615 and let me know you are in. I will send you a private message with registration info.