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Buy The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising NOW

Buy The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising NOW

Bob Regnerus is the author of the 4th Edition of the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising {by Entrepreneur Press}. He has previously published, The Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing on the Internet, Big Ticket eCommerce and The Best Business Card on the Planet.

Bob has an uncanny ability to pull a person’s story out of their head and heart and engineer that into highly-responsive ads and creative. Bob uses this ability as the co-founder of Feedstories, a video production and marketing company that serves many diverse clients. Bob has 22 years experience in Digital Marketing and has served thousands of clients and industry leaders such as Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Ali Brown, and Perry Marshall.

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”19″ font_style=”bold”]I purposely work with very few clients and develop a tight knit relationship. I treat every account like I’m spending my own money. Every dollar is accountable. Typically, my clients will see 300% ROI on my fees, meaning, for every $100 they spend with me, they’re making $300. Clients typically see about 15% growth in sales versus the same period the year before, and often there’s no need to spend too much more on advertising, they just spend it more efficiently.[/text_block]

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Amy and JD Crouse

Meeting Bob can only be described as a ‘God-thing’.

We started with Bob in September of 2013 with a great idea, big vision, and a handful of sales and Facebook fans. We wanted to focus on the business – creating a great product, producing quality content, and developing a world-class fulfillment and customer service team. Bob was challenged to find targeted customers for Bolder Bands and help us tell our story.

The results, quite frankly, are almost too good to be true. It’s been beyond our belief. With Bob’s work over a 9 month period, we achieved a level of sales that we could only dream of and now have an established fan base that currently numbers over 250K. With over 45,000 customers (and growing) we have gone from startup to a legit business inside of a year.

Through Bob’s efforts, we won the 2014 Shopify’s Build-A-Business Competition amongst thousands of applicants and we can thank our awesome customers and of course, Bob, for helping us achieve this honor.

In the process of working together, Bob had become my right-hand man, not only producing thousands of customers per month for us through his expertise, but also providing me wise counsel and guidance on strategic decisions for the business. I wouldn’t be shy to say Bob has become our friend and I’m confident he’ll be part of our company and lives for a long time. I’m thankful that we were given the opportunity to meet and work together.

Oh, and by the way, Bob “pays for his fees” by the 2nd or 3rd day of the month!!

Amy and JD Crouse
Bolder Bands

I contacted Bob right before the Christmas Holiday Season last year. I saw an ad he was running on Facebook and decided I had enough of trying to figure out Facebook, Google, and everything else BESIDES trying to run my store during the hectic holiday rush. I figured he couldn’t do worse than me, and with a modest daily budget, the risk wasn’t too great.

Safe to say I’m glad I responded to his ad. I never heard of Bob before I hired him, so I was skeptical, but after we increased sales by 16.3% over the holiday season spending the same amount on ads as last season, I knew it was the best decision I made all year. Bob more than paid for his entire years retainer through increased sales during the holiday season!

Through the first 7 months of this year, we’re up 14.1% over last year’s sales numbers and Bob has proven to be much more than “my Facebook guy”. He’s provided me sage advice, sound critique, and expert opinions on many matters that affect the performance of my store and it’s future. As a business owner who often feels isolated, I have always wanted someone to hash out the small and big issues that relate to ecommerce. Bob has fulfilled that desire for me.

I’m ecstatic to have more time to devote to my store, and really enthused that Bob gives me more time to coach my club volleyball teams and not be stressed out about my store’s performance. Bob has been more than a hired gun for me and I’m grateful the universe has brought us together.

He’s world-class in my opinion.


Perry Marshall

For about a year now, I’ve had a “right-hand man” at my 4-man Intensives.

Bob Regnerus. And he’s been invaluable. In all of the 4-Man Intensives Bob has helped with, I found myself thinking, “Bob could run this show as well as I can. The way Bob slices right to the meat of the problem is exactly what’s needed in a 48-hour mastermind like this”.

For the last few years, Bob Regnerus has been helping with the 4-Man Intensives, and I can safely say that, had I been struck by lightning before any of those meetings and been unable to attend, every single participant would have gone home 100% happy with the advice, direction, insight and explicit battle plans they would have received from Bob alone.

I’ve referred innumerable clients to Bob over the years, because he flat-out knows his stuff…

Lead generation

Sales funnel construction

Facebook advertising

Google Adwords

Hardcore ecommerce

Email marketing

Book publishing and publicity

You can throw business problems of almost any shape and size at Bob and he’ll toss back actionable, results-boosting insights every time.

Plus, Bob meets the Planet Perry “school of reality” criteria. He’s been around the block, taken his hard knocks, lived the “entrepreneur’s journey” and turned failure into success more than once. You won’t get Harvard MBA theory from Bob, just brass-tacks, proven methods.

Plus, Bob’s as honest as the day is long.

I could choose from any number of consultants upon which to bestow the “Perry Seal of Approval” for my 4-Man Intensives, but I can’t think of a better choice than Bob Regnerus.

Perry Marshall

Brandon Boyd

Bob Regnerus provides a level of wisdom and levelheadedness to any business owner’s situation. Bob is able to calm the storm and deliver sound, grounded advice and direction. Think of a business owner who is in the throes of a violent storm – Bob is the voice on the radio guiding them to waters that makes the boat sail and not sink.

Bob brings the experience of ‘been there done that’ in a very crowded market. what he brings is seasoning that is only gained through highs and lows of being an entrepreneur.

I come to Bob specifically when I need perspective on a given subject or technique or whatever. There are others I could go to but I find it whenever I ask questions of Bob I get a gut level honesty and reality-based conversation. When you work with Bob, be prepared to lay all of your business cards on the table and be willing to be led and be coached. Be ready to have the ambiguous and intangibles about business marketing and have it turned into a solid plan.

Brandon Boyd
Creative and Marketing

Debbie Phillips

I have known Bob professionally for more than eight years. When I needed to get serious about expanding my Facebook presence, the decision to engage him was easy. He is an expert, and he knows how to provide great customer care. He told us how long it would take to see results and then he exceeded those expectations in every dimension. That is a wonderful validation of my decision to hire him.

In a very short time, and at a very modest investment Bob has greatly increased our Facebook presence and engagement. I didn’t know that over 25,000 people would ‘like me’ and so many people would sign up for my ezine!

In addition, Bob has removed a major burden from my shoulders. He works quickly, efficiently, and does what he says he will do with skill. Unlike many consultants he simply makes the problem go away with little need for supervision and interaction. In my overly busy world our working relationship is a gift to me of time and peace of mind.

Bob is a master consultant. He knows how to define the problem simply, he is 100% reliable, and he is a true professional in an industry that is filled with people who lack experience and professionalism. He makes everything easy. He inspires confidence and he is competent. It is great to have a collaborator like Bob who just takes care of what needs to be done without wasting time.

I recently referred of a dear colleague to Bob, and when I sent a message to her, I listed off some things I thought she would find useful to know about what sets Bob apart in my opinion:

* He does what he says he’s going to do

* He’s an honest man

* He’s very easy to work with

* I like him personally (I like him a lot!)

* He has a kind heart

* He’s reliable and trustworthy

My husband (Rob) and I really enjoy Bob and count it a privilege to also know his lovely wife and spectacular daughters. He’s a great husband and dad, and the love he has for his family touches my heart.

Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts about you, Bob!

Debbie Phillips
Women on Fire

I came to Bob for help injecting life into our Facebook Advertising Funnel. We had hit a plateau and response rates were dropping. I knew enough to be “dangerous” and had tried a lot of things. Frankly, I needed to spend less time figuring this all out and more time focusing on my marketing and sales process. Having known Bob for years, I didn’t hesitate to reach out and hand him the reigns. Within a week, we saw a huge surge in response after Bob tweaked our creative, honed our targeting, and implemented some innovative strategies to better connect with our prospects.

Bob, I Love you dude. Thanks again for all your help. I officially “turned off the faucet” the other day because we have honestly gotten more business than we can currently handle, and I made a commitment to my team to slow it down ? So … bravo! And I’m off to get more staff!”

Nate Hagerty

I was VERY skeptical about how well Facebook Ads would work for our food company. We sell a modestly high-price package of organic, hormone-free meats and vegetables, and I wasn’t too sure we could get good enough leads to sell a big ticket product like ours. We have teams of sales professionals in regions all over the country and they need fresh leads to call on each week. Previously, we relied on referrals, trade shows, and newspaper ads to get appointments for our sales team.

I approached Bob with the challenge of finding these leads on Facebook. Our potential clients are located in select cities, and we limit our advertising to tightly selected zip codes. We also place restrictions on the type of leads we’ll accept, so that made the challenge rather difficult.

We tested in one region and were pleasantly surprised at the results, so we’ve been expanding the advertising to many more regions around the country.

Through the 8 months we’ve been working together, we’re not only handing a record number of leads over to our sales teams, we’re shattering sales records and will crack the $1,000,000 mark before the end of the year!

All I can say is Bob delivers, and he works hard to both set a realistic expectation and deliver a result that makes us delighted. I appreciate Bob’s level of professionalism and dedication to me personally. He makes himself accessible when I have questions and produces detailed reports that account for every dollar we spend. He’s as concerned about the number of sales we make as the leads he is charged to produce for us. He’s helped me tweak our sales process a great deal to help our sales people earn higher commissions.

I’m honored to work with Bob, and I appreciate his calm, cool, and pleasant demeanor. I feel like he’s got my back and goes beyond the call to serve me and our company. I happily endorse Bob and will be glad to talk to anyone who needs to know how cool it is to work with him!

Mike Cohen
Blue Ribbon Foods

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