Who Am I, Who Do I Want To Be?

About This Presentation

This talk was given in April 2024 in front of Perry Marshall's audience at the Definitive AI Seminar

What you will see in the talk is a point where I ask the audience, "How many of you feel like there's a shift going on?"

80% of the hands went up.

AI has not caused an Identity Crisis, but it has catalyzed one for many people.

My agenda was to deliver a talk about humanity in the middle of a deeply technical conference.

Here's what Perry had to say...

"The reason that I brought in Bob Regnerus was that he kept it grounded. Bob gave one of the most human and humane presentations I've ever heard, and it was exactly what was needed to round out the extraordinary technical content the others were delivering. It integrated a lot of disparate elements." 

Several people reached out to me, like Matthew R. who said, "I was at Perry Marshall's AI event in Chicago and I REALLY appreciated your speech and the content you delivered. What you had to share resonated deeply with me and I was really happy to know there are successful people like you out there who think like I think and feel like I feel. So, thank you for being who you are and for doing the work you are doing ~ it is much appreciated and much needed."

Here's another comment from Christian S. "You delivered a deeply thought-provoking speech about our humanity and how AI will accelerate the desire for authenticity and connection. In a gig mostly focused on technology, your message was a beacon of enlightenment and a breathe of fresh air. Bravo Bob!"

One more from Kate B. "I really enjoyed your address. It was just what I needed. I have been spending a lot of my life fitting myself into the box where I was employed for decades and have been continuing to try and work as an entrepreneur within that same box. So grateful to you for giving me permission to be me. Still plenty of work to do, but today is a good start."

I hope you enjoy this as well and get a deeper understanding of the message I bring to clients and groups.

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