Client Success Stories


I contacted Bob right before the Christmas Holiday Season last year. I saw an ad he was running on Facebook and decided I had enough of trying to figure out Facebook, Google, and everything else BESIDES trying to run my store during the hectic holiday rush. I figured he couldn’t do worse than me, and with a modest daily budget, the risk wasn’t too great.

Safe to say I’m glad I responded to his ad. I never heard of Bob before I hired him, so I was skeptical, but after we increased sales by 16.3% over the holiday season spending the same amount on ads as last season, I knew it was the best decision I made all year. Bob more than paid for his entire years retainer through increased sales during the holiday season!

Through the first 7 months of this year, we’re up 14.1% over last year’s sales numbers and Bob has proven to be much more than “my Facebook guy”. He’s provided me sage advice, sound critique, and expert opinions on many matters that affect the performance of my store and it’s future. As a business owner who often feels isolated, I have always wanted someone to hash out the small and big issues that relate to ecommerce. Bob has fulfilled that desire for me.

I’m ecstatic to have more time to devote to my store, and really enthused that Bob gives me more time to coach my club volleyball teams and not be stressed out about my store’s performance. Bob has been more than a hired gun for me and I’m grateful the universe has brought us together.

He’s world-class in my opinion.

Jim Alampi

Bob helped me achieve a dream of authoring a book. The process was professional and simple for me. I just had to provide the content, and Bob and his team completed it from start to finish. Bob’s ability to capture my voice impressed me, as well as his expertise on how to create the message and hooks within the book to attract clients to me. My clients are raving about the book and I’ve got clients that are begging me to introduce them to Bob to help them with their books and documenting their company’s vision.

Jim Alampi The Execution Maximizer
Mike Cohen

I was VERY skeptical about how well Facebook Ads would work for our food company. We sell a modestly high-price package of organic, hormone-free meats and vegetables, and I wasn’t too sure we could get good enough leads to sell a big ticket product like ours. We have teams of sales professionals in regions all over the country and they need fresh leads to call on each week. Previously, we relied on referrals, trade shows, and newspaper ads to get appointments for our sales team.

I approached Bob with the challenge of finding these leads on Facebook. Our potential clients are located in select cities, and we limit our advertising to tightly selected zip codes. We also place restrictions on the type of leads we’ll accept, so that made the challenge rather difficult.

We tested in one region and were pleasantly surprised at the results, so we’ve been expanding the advertising to many more regions around the country.

Through the 8 months we’ve been working together, we’re not only handing a record number of leads over to our sales teams, we’re shattering sales records and will crack the $1,000,000 mark before the end of the year!

All I can say is Bob delivers, and he works hard to both set a realistic expectation and deliver a result that makes us delighted. I appreciate Bob’s level of professionalism and dedication to me personally. He makes himself accessible when I have questions and produces detailed reports that account for every dollar we spend. He’s as concerned about the number of sales we make as the leads he is charged to produce for us. He’s helped me tweak our sales process a great deal to help our sales people earn higher commissions.

I’m honored to work with Bob, and I appreciate his calm, cool, and pleasant demeanor. I feel like he’s got my back and goes beyond the call to serve me and our company. I happily endorse Bob and will be glad to talk to anyone who needs to know how cool it is to work with him!

Mike Cohen Blue Ribbon Foods
Ian Miller

No question Bob Regnerus is the ‘go to guy’ if you want to write, publish and market a successful book. He gets it. As he clearly points out there is no better way to build your business or faster way to establish your leadership credentials than by publishing your book. Read this book, get with Bob and in a few months you will be an author and your ‘business card’ will be first in line.

Ian Miller Rocket Branding
Before talking with Bob I was feeling overwhelmed in marketing my new coaching business. I had previously launched another coaching business and tried to do all the marketing by myself but never got the results I had hoped for. I came across a lecture that Bob did on online marketing and all the information and strategies made sense so I signed up for the 1 hour consultation. Bob took my ideas and talents and came up with an initial strategy we could promote and offered additional time at no expense to get the first idea going. This meant alot to me because as a new business owner I am always looking for ways to optimize my time and money and I felt that not only did Bob understand what my next steps should be and was willing to work with me to get started but he was also going to hold me accountable for ongoing steps. On an ongoing basis Bob is still holding me accountable in our sessions by helping me to see the bigger picture and create little steps to achieve each week. It is very helpful for me to have email access to him in between our sessions for questions, areas of opportunity, success celebrations and to remind me what I should be focusing on when I get in my own way. Tom Williamson, A Satisfied Client In The Coaching Profession After A 1 Hour Consultation
I am 100% confident I have a good plan for the next 90 days that I can execute well. I appreciate you sending me the email about your concerns with my target market before our call and your suggestion that we make my target market the focus of our first call. This gave me time to digest your feedback and be in the right mindset when we did have our meeting. The email correspondence prior to the call gave me the impression that you desire to partner with me to help me be successful, not just make a quick buck. I found your candid and immediate feedback, whether it be positive or negative towards an idea I presented, extremely helpful. It helped us not waste time. The most helpful suggestion on the call after identifying the market was validating the reality that my potential target market still is too ambiguous. You gave me a workable and affordable path and time frame to get more information. Your enthusiasm, expertise, experience, and logical action plan left me with no doubt this could work and that I have a partner to help me get there. I sailed out of my home office after the call. Mary Lyons, Enthusiastic Information Marketer

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