Break Out of Repeating Cycles That No Longer Serve You and Get Crystal Clear Clarity on Your Next Step, Turn or Leap

Within 90 minutes, you can finally understand at a deep level WHY you what you do (unconsciously). Plus definitively discover what your superpower is and what constantly trips you up (your kryptonite).

A Personality Power Session is perfect if you are:
  1. Needing to unearth patterns and behaviors in your life that are no longer serving you
  2. In the middle of a transition, trying to find your place in this world or trying to reposition yourself
  3. Experiencing an existential crisis and need to find some solid ground to stand upon
  4. Facing a creative block and need a charge from the Muse to get inspired again.

     If you're trying to break free from habits or repeating cycles that no longer serve you, there are two questions that begin the process of breaking you free.

     The questions are, "Who am I?" and "Who do I want to be?" These are the most difficult questions to answer is because it forces us to go within.

     I have been a high performer and worked with high performers for the last 25 years. Here's what I know... How you do one thing is how you do everything. 

     Meaning the way you do your work, the way you show up at home, the way you play and the way you show up in relationships defaults to the way you are wired.

     The "stuff" of who you are was formed when you were very, very young. In fact, you came into this world pre-programmed with a personality and the beliefs you now hold may be ones that were placed inside you well before you were aware it wa happening. It's been your mission, whether you know it or not, is to interact with the world and figure out these questions - "Who am I?" and "Who do I want to be?"

     This trips us up because we see ourselves falling into constant patterns. We're running "software" that allows us to live life on autopilot, but we're never really aware of it...until we are. 

Here's What You Will Discover:
  1. Where Do I Thrive?
  2. Where Do I Get Tripped Up?
  3. What Motivates Me?
  4. What Demotivates Me?
  5. What Is My Path For Growth?
  6. How Do I Get Past Blocks?
  7. How Do I Relate To Others?

     Maybe you're considering a next step or there's a next journey or maybe even a next leap. It can be really frustrating to determine, where do I go next? You're never really sure.

     Perhaps you have determined once and for all, the habit or cycle you are repeating no longer serves you.

     Here's where a Guide can help you. A trained and experienced Guide can help see what you might be blind to. Using tools and questions, a Guide will help see who you really are and help you to develop x-ray vision and reveal your superpowers.

     Suddenly, the world around you starts to make sense. When the world makes sense, and you understand yourself deeply, you will move forward with amazing confidence.

     Believe me, I've gone through the cycles (and I still go through the cycles). It's a constant process. You'll never fully understand this in your lifetime, but that is the excitement of life. You get to constantly make the decision on a daily, if not a moment by moment basis, "This is who i am and this is who I want to be!"

  • If that question is really difficult for you...
  • If you find yourself standing at a crossroads...
  • If you find yourself pondering a really big leap and you really don't know which way to turn...

     The experience of a Personality Power Session is going to help you deeply understand who you are at the core, understand where you thrive, understand what trips you up, understand how you interact with people.

     You will develop x-ray vision and gain an ability to navigate the world with utmost confidence and clarity so that you can pursue the excitement, the passions, the dreams that you have.

     Understanding who you are and deciding who you want to be is the meaning of life.

     I am here to help you answer those questions and to live life with gusto.

     Sign up for the Personality Power Session today.

"You have a way of connecting me to myself. I think about how empathetic you are in understanding and how your ancient wisdom comes through in your guidance, and I also understand and appreciate your ability to communicate with humility when there is something that needs to be course corrected."

Shanyn Stewart, Financial Expert and CPA

Why Should You Listen To Me?

I don't easily put my trust in someone and neither should you. I'm not one to be my own "hype guy" so I'll just give you some facts...

  • I have owned and operated 4 companies since 1999
  • I have coached and mentored hundreds of people for over 26 years
  • I have been a basketball coach for over 38 years
  • I have written 5 books and spoken on hundreds of physical and virtual stages
  • I've interviewed thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners on my Chicago-based radio show and podcasts over the past 12 years
  • Clients have been willing to pay a premium to work with me over the years and I do not take that for granted
  • My coaching ability exceeds my golfing ability, but I sincerely love both 🙂 
  • I have made mistakes, taken wrong turns, executed egregious errors, let people down and allowed anxiety to fester so much that it landed me in the hospital - I've been human and am still here a bit older and bit wiser

     Even though I have been coaching people for over 26 years, I am working toward my CCA Elite Influencer Coaching Accreditation™ which is an (European Mentoring and Coaching Centre) accredited training program/qualification. It holds the prestigious European Quality Award and I am being trained to EMCC Global Standards.

     I take this title of Coach so seriously that I will never sit on my experience alone. I will be pursuing mastery in this field as long as I have breath. My circle of colleagues around the globe are the top in their industry and I choose to work with them several hours per work on mastering this discipline.

     Many take a 7 day course and get a certificate that "certifies" them as a coach. Let me ask you, would you hire a lawyer to defend you in court that has "trained" for 7 days? What about choosing a doctor that took a weekend course in brain surgery and then putting your life in their hands?

     Of course not, so why would you place something as serious as your livelihood and personal journey in the hands of someone with no credentials?

     I have several people willing to stand up for me and remind me of who I am and what I've done for them. If needed, some those people have been kind enough to share some brief thoughts about me and my work for you to read at your leisure further down the page.

The Personality Power Session 

     When you sign up, you'll be invited to take an assessment that is 144 questions. Give yourself about 40-60 minutes to complete it. You don't have to complete it right away, but you should complete it within 24 hours of our appointment. You'll get a personalized report from the organization that offers the assessment and I will receive a copy as well.

     In the first part of the session, we'll review the results together and glean insights about who you are and how you show up in the world. We'll particularly devote attention to where you thrive in the world and where you might get tripped up. We'll discover both your superpower and your kryptonite 🙂

     Then in the balance of the session, we'll take time to discuss a current challenge or opportunity you are facing and going over strategies to face this challenge or opportunity based on who you are. If we both find the session fruitful, I will offer you an invitation to work with me on a regular basis, but there will be absolutely no obligation.

Here's What You Will Discover:

  1. Where Do I Thrive?
  2. Where Do I Get Tripped Up?
  3. What Motivates Me?
  4. What Demotivates Me?
  5. What Is My Path For Growth?
  6. How Do I Get Past Blocks?
  7. How Do I Relate To Others?

     This feels like x-ray vision when you suddenly discover how you show up in the world and how you are wired. Suddenly, things will make sense for you that before seemed perplexing. It's like discovering your personal user manual after all these years and figuring out how your complex machine works!

     I can't wait to guide you in this eye-opening process!

Hear what People Have To say

You connect the dots. You see not only what's going on right in front of us, but you're also connecting the higher level narrative, which is so often missed.

Perry Marshall

Marketing Expert and Author

Bob is a kind of person that will meet you wherever you are at. When he meets you there, he doesn't just meet you there from a place where he's trying to understand, but he's really trying to meet you at all the levels.

Suara Lee

Intuitive Coach and Mentor

I walked away from the conversation feeling really excited and energized to to make my idea happen. Bob is like a North Star.

Ellie Shewring

Marketing Professional

You are so present and so,intuitively tapped in that you can see and hear things and share perspectives that others cannot.

Brandon Fong

Podcast Host and Experience Expert