Written by Bob Regnerus

So many entrepreneurs are in a transition period these days.  If you are, you are not alone! In fact, you might be fortunate.

There’s nothing like a transition to clean out old things, old habits, old relationships, and old ideas. Change is good, transitions are necessary. But transitions are also scary and disorienting.

I enjoy spending time with entrepreneurs in transition.  There is an opportunity to close out all the old stuff that was holding you back, and recharge your battery to take on your next challenge with passion and vitality.  Often, a series of conversations with a coach can help.

Here’s a middle-aged entrepreneur I spoke with in the middle of a life transition:

Before I connected with Bob, I literally felt very boxed into a corner. The last few years had been rough financially and emotionally for me having to move to take on a new position in another state. I chose to connect with Bob because I was concerned that I was losing sight of my future as my current work situation was leading me further away from my entrepreneurial goals. I felt stuck and very frustrated. After getting some solid coaching time, Bob helped me understand the principle of life ‘seasons’. That is, how to move past the feeling of permanence when dealing with life situations that are really just temporary. Bob has an amazing knack for helping you stay grounded without letting you give up on your goals. You get the sense that this guy has learned to be very comfortable with who he is (and who he isn’t) – regardless of what his businesses might be doing or what the world says he ought to be paying attention to at any given moment. One of the most helpful things was simply talking with someone who completely understands the internal dialogue and attention deficits that entrepreneurial-minded people deal with. We’re not like all the ‘normal’ people around us who might be OK with working for a paycheck the rest of their lives. Bob’s practical and brutally authentic advice was perfectly timed. Whether your business is successful or struggling, or you’re someone with a brilliant idea that you want to put some plans around, you will benefit with a conversation with Bob Regnerus. In the world of coaching there are a lot of questionable people and practices. Many coaching relationships are designed to keep you at arm’s length (the ‘guru’). Bob’s approach is a refreshing change. The difference? Trust. Over and above his seasoned (he’s been there, done that, got the T-shirt) approach and relentless optimism, you realize that Bob is simply someone who you can trust to advise you on your next move. I consider Bob a mentor and a friend to this day and highly recommend his counsel.

If you are an entrepreneur in transition and need help navigating the jungle of choices and feelings of confusion, give me a call and let’s spend an hour talking through a plan to move through this.

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