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About the Coaching Process...

No matter how many self-help books you devour, how many courses you complete, or how many experts you consult, real change and transformation in your life begins when you embrace the concept I shared in the video above.

If you're contemplating coaching, here's something to ponder...

Professional coaching is not about being on the sidelines, steering you like in a sporting event. I have 38 years of experience as a basketball coach, I can tell you that coaching athletes and coaching clients are worlds apart. In a professional setting, coaching isn't about teaching skills or boosting motivation like I do from the sidelines.

Beware of those who claim to offer 'coaching' but are actually mentoring or teaching. A true coach doesn't give advice or dictate actions. That undermines the learning process and stunts your growth. Coaching is about facilitating your self-discovery, not prescribing solutions. If a "coach" gives you a blueprint and tells you how to run your life, the only word you should pay attention to is RUN! Run far, far away from those folks.

And let's clear this up: Coaching is not therapy. It's not about addressing trauma or mental health issues. That's outside a coach's expertise.

I don't believe anyone is qualified to help someone change the results in their life unless they've had extensive experience wrestling with life's challenges themselves.

In fact, I would NEVER hire a coach myself who hasn't gone through their own personal journey of self-awareness and times of tribulation.

No way.

To be transparent, I am working with two professional coaches at all times to help me deal with challenges in my life, both personal and professional. I believe it's impossible to truly help yourself and read the label from 'inside the jar'.

True coaching is an eye-opening journey. In our sessions, I create a space for you to THINK.

Through intuition and curiosity-driven questions, I'll lead you to tap into your inner wisdom. This wisdom, and your ability to access it, is the key to changing the actions and behaviors that shape your life's outcomes. You may not believe it right now, so I urge you to consider the experience of those who've known me for years...

Hear what People say

You connect the dots. You see not only what's going on right in front of us, but you're also connecting the higher level narrative, which is so often missed.

Perry Marshall

Marketing Expert and Author

Bob is a kind of person that will meet you wherever you are at. When he meets you there, he doesn't just meet you there from a place where he's trying to understand, but he's he's really trying to meet you at all the levels.

Suara Lee

Intuitive Coach and Mentor

I walked away from the conversation feeling really excited and energized to to make my idea happen. Bob is like a North Star.

Ellie Shewring

Marketing Professional

You are so present and so,intuitively tapped in that you can see and hear things and share perspectives that others cannot.

Brandon Fong

Podcast Host and Experience Expert