Working With Me

No matter how many self-help books you devour, how many courses you complete, or how many experts you consult, real change and transformation in your life begins when you embrace these concepts...

"Until you go within, you will go without" 

Neale Donald Walsch

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate" 

Carl Jung

True transformation occurs when you stop seeking answers and begin to ask questions that you cannot answer from your intellect. I believe (and have experienced) that true transformation only comes through accessing the wisdom you have within. 

I especially help people that "hear the voice". Whether you call that your higher self, the Muse, or God, and whether that voice is audible or not, this voice is drawing you to something grander than what you are experiencing now.

I am honored to be the Guide for people like you on an incredible and challenging journey.

Here's something important...

Professional coaching is not about being on the sidelines, steering you like in a sporting event. I have 38 years of experience as a basketball coach, I can tell you that coaching athletes and coaching clients are worlds apart. In a professional setting, coaching isn't about teaching skills or boosting motivation, as I do from the sidelines.

Beware of those who offer 'coaching' but are actually mentoring or teaching. A true coach doesn't give advice or dictate actions, as that undermines the learning process and stunts your growth. Coaching is about facilitating your self-discovery, not prescribing solutions. If a "coach" gives you a blueprint and tells you how to run your life, the only word you should pay attention to is RUN! Run far, far away from those folks.

And let's clear this up: Coaching is not therapy. It's not about addressing trauma or mental health issues. That's outside a coach's expertise.

I don't believe anyone is qualified to help someone change the results in their life unless they've had extensive experience wrestling with life's challenges themselves.

In fact, I would NEVER hire a coach myself who hasn't gone through their own personal journey of self-awareness and times of tribulation.

No way.

To be in integrity, I work with my own professional coach to help me deal with challenges in my life, both personal and professional. I believe it's impossible to truly help yourself and read the label from 'inside the jar'.

True coaching is an enlightening journey. In our sessions, I create a space for you to think.

Through intuition and curiosity-driven questions, I'll lead you to tap into your inner wisdom. This wisdom, and your ability to access it, is the key to changing the actions and behaviors that shape your life's outcomes. You may not believe it right now, so I urge you to consider the experience of those who've known me for years. See my home page for stories of people that know me well.

If you are asking yourself, "Will Bob and I be a good fit?", consider this narrative below. The more you resonate with this, the greater the chance we'll have success together in a professional coaching relationship.

You're all about showing up 100 percent in every part of your life. You're open-minded and hungry to be more, do more. But lately, you keep facing bigger and bigger obstacles. You're at that point where you're questioning your work, your purpose, and even your own reflection. You're asking yourself, "Is this really what I want?" and "I feel like there's something inside me that I need to get out but don't know what it is."

You have big dreams about what life could look like, but right now, you feel stuck—chained down by finances, work, or maybe even your relationship. You value experiences over things. You want a life filled with memories, not material possessions. More than anything, you want to feel fulfilled in your personal and professional life.

Even if you're ready for a new destiny, you're struggling to envision what it looks like. It's tough for you to talk about this, and you're not sure how others feel about it either. If you've tried to chat about it, you might have gotten mixed reactions – some good, some not so much.

Sports or some friendly competition? That's your jam. It's a way for you to feel your competitive spirit and take a break from life's challenges. You're aware of your personal growth and seek to evolve. You're leaving behind rigid beliefs in favor of spiritual curiosity. You are a seeker, always looking for better questions rather than definitive answers.

Empathy is a big deal for you. You respect all people and share life's journey with an open heart. You cherish small group experiences and deep connections. You see the good in others and aim to spread your light in the world. Laughter comes easy to you, and you don't take life too seriously. Your humor is a breath of fresh air, lightening the mood and bringing joy to those around you.

You love getting lost in a movie or a show that takes you to another place. You love stories and use them to express yourself and learn about others. Leadership comes naturally to you. You've always been comfortable with the responsibility of guiding others and love to mentor and influence.

But sometimes, you feel a bit alone. You've outgrown old friends and find it hard to talk about your issues with others who simply have no way to understand. You've noticed that your beliefs and traditions no longer align with those around you, even though you still love them. You might enjoy a sport like golf or tennis to feel your competitive juices and escape from life for a while.

Your play is as intense as your work, giving you something to look forward to and improve on. You believe there's more to life and are earnestly seeking it, but you feel stuck in the present, overwhelmed by the multitude of options. The vast array of choices sometimes leaves you paralyzed and frustrated.

The Personality Play Lab Session is for individuals. I also have an Experience for groups of 3-12It's a blast, and it's mind-blowingly powerful (contact me for details on the Group Experience). There's more on the Play Lab HERE

My Coaching is done 1-on-1 and I limit my roster to no more than 10 people total so I can serve you and keep myself fresh and available.

Personality Play Lab Session: $797

Personality Play Lab Experience: $5000

1-on-1 Coaching Program: $15,000

1-on-1 Coaching Experience: $35,000