If you are looking for advanced recorded training to enhance your skills and extend learnings from the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising here is a link to the official course: Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads Training Course.

If you are looking for personal support from me, here is an unique way to get access to private mentoring for 6 months.


  1. The mentorship program is a 6 month program where you can schedule unlimited 15 minute calls with me
  2. The only exception is call #1 which will last 30 minutes
  3. The goal of this program is help you achieve specific results from call to call (and of course over the 6 months)
  4. The calls can be scheduled at any time I am available (via a private Calendly link)
  5. You may only schedule your next call once you complete the assignment or agreed plan from the previous call
  6. Each call will be to update and review progress and figure out the next step to complete
  7. We will be friendly and cordial of course, but due to the 15 minute clock, we'll always jump right into the task at hand and stay focused
  8. All calls will be recorded and transcribed by AI and sent to you Immediately after each call


  1. You must own or manage the FB ad account in question
  2. I will not manage your account nor gain Business Manager access at any time
  3. If you own the business, I will not work with your agency, freelancer or staff member without you present on at least the first 3 calls
  4. I cannot get a banned account activated - do not waste your time as I have no ability to get your account back on


  1. There will be a one time fee of $2579 which will be paid upfront
  2. Your 6 month clock starts when the first call is completed
  3. If on the 30 minute call, either one of us decides this is not a fit, I will refund your payment
  4. After the 30 minute call, there will be no refunds or credit given as this is unlimited mentoring

If you are "in" here how to lock in your spot: