Facebook 30 Day Sprint

For E-Commerce, Service, and Information business owners who manage their own Facebook Advertising accounts but want my expertise setting everything up and getting them off to a great start.

This is an alternative to an ad agency or full-time management. It’s also far superior to getting advice Facebook Reps who don’t have your best interest at heart.

This program will provide you the ultimate expertise in maximizing your results without turning your ad account over to an agency.  Leverage my 22+ years of Digital Marketing Experience and 7+ years of in-the-trenches Facebook Ad experience.

This Program Focuses On:

  • Strategy
  • Implementation and Best Practices
  • Measuring Results and Making Adjustments
  • Scaling

Structure of Program:

The program lasts 30 days.

I will personally setup a Deep Funnel within your Facebook account using creative that we map out together. I will be hands on and active either checking or tweaking the account as needed. We will check in once per week for about 30-60 minutes to go over everything.

I will also give you access to my 80/20 Facebook Advertising Course so that you and your team will have complete understanding of what I am doing and how to manage going forward.

All coaching is 1-on-1 with you and/or your team via scheduled Zoom. Includes unlimited email questions. 

Ongoing coaching after 30 days is available here: https://bobregnerus.com/coaching/

Scope of Program:

  1. Getting FB Access and Insure Tracking Is Installed Properly
  2. Taking Inventory of Lists, Custom Audiences, and Your Most Engaging Content and Ads
  3. Launching a Reactivation Campaign (if applicable)
  4. Launching/Fixing Retargeting Campaigns
  5. Launching/Fixing Deep Funnel Campaigns
  6. Launching/Fixing Prospecting Campaigns
  7. Setting Up Proper Reporting and Tracking
  8. Lifeline and Questions

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Price: $4,995.00