CASE STUDY – HealthSource™ Chiropractic

HealthSource is the 10th HealthSourcefastest growing franchise in the United States. In just 3 short years, they’ve sold and kept 250 franchises nationwide.

Their biggest challenge is getting high quality patients into it’s clinics nationwide. They do not have a central reservation system or online customer acquisition model. In late 2009, Bob Regnerus began developing an online system that takes leads and converts into in office appointments. Using our propritery online strategies and phone room conversion systems, we have increased online customers from nothing to a consistent and steady flow  of patients.

Our conversion numbers from online lead to appointment averages 88%. Of the appointments we book into the clinics, an average of 90% show for their appointment.

Additionally, we generate leads online for all of HealthSources 80 plus weight loss clinics nationwide. We have quadrupled lead flow and cut lead costs to a 1/3rd of the original cost.