About A Client Building An Information Marketing Business

This client came to me, a very successful professional in a private practice, wanting to take her skills as a therapist and apply them to a grander dream within a niche. She has a core passion and skill set that I helped her refine to a highly targeted niche. This will help her market more effectively and build a great business within a niche that desires her information. Before she came to me, she didn’t see a hidden opportunity in her idea, and her target niche was all wrong. Once we got her niche aligned with her passion on the initial coaching call, we were able to put together a plan to get the idea launched.

I am 100% confident I have a good plan for the next 90 days that I can execute well. I appreciate you sending me the email about your concerns with my target market before our call and your suggestion that we make my target market the focus of our first call. This gave me time to digest your feedback and be in the right mindset when we did have our meeting. The email correspondence prior to the call gave me the impression that you desire to partner with me to help me be successful, not just make a quick buck. I found your candid and immediate feedback, whether it be positive or negative towards an idea I presented, extremely helpful. It helped us not waste time. The most helpful suggestion on the call after identifying the market was validating the reality that my potential target market still is too ambiguous. You gave me a workable and affordable path and time frame to get more information. Your enthusiasm, expertise, experience, and logical action plan left me with no doubt this could work and that I have a partner to help me get there. I sailed out of my home office after the call.

If you want to gain clarity on an information marketing business idea, target the right niche, and develop a 90-day plan to launch your business, please look into Bob’s 1 hour Ultimate Coaching Offer.